What to wear for any Valentine’s Date   - 13th February

Valentine's Day is coming up fast, and if you've got your plans made, there's only one thing left to decide – what you're going to wear.

Of course, you want to look special and somewhat festive without going over the top by covering yourself in love hearts and wearing every shade of pink available.

To help you figure out what to wear, we’ve compiled these great tips and tricks to help you out no matter what your plans!

Going out to a fancy dinner?

There’s a right way to wear red. Start with a bright red dress, then add heels, a sparkly clutch and some interesting jewellery, like a bold cuff or statement earring. Throw on a leather jacket for added edge and opt for a swipe of lipstick that matches your dress – while this may have been a no-no in the past, it’s an updated, fresh take on the bold red lip. If Beyoncé’s embracing the trend, we’re all for it.


A low-key night at the movies?

If you’re going to be sitting down for several hours on end, your biggest priority should be comfort – but that doesn’t mean it’s OK to wear a sweatsuit. Instead, look to some skinny jeans or shorts that aren’t too tight. Match them with a chic white top, simple accessories and add some wedge sneakers for the perfect finish. Make sure you pack a blanket scarf in your bag, as it’s always cold in the cinema, which you can then throw around yourself (and your significant other), then simply tuck back your bag when you leave.



Staying in? 

It’s very tempting to stay in your comfiest sweat pants for a night in, but not on Valentine’s Day. With clever styling, you can master being comfortable whilst still looking chic. A jersey maxi dress will cover all sins whilst you’re sitting down. It will also mean you’re super comfortable (and therefore relaxed), and the length of the dress will allow you to drape across his couch looking like a Greek muse. Pair this with a soft cashmere cardigan and a slouchy style handbag as the finishing touch to that super relaxed look.  It’s still a date, so maintain an element of refinement with your relaxed look buy putting your hair in a ballerina-style bun and a pop of colour with a hot pink lip.